Special Event -Meeting locations

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Special Meeting- Event Location

If we meet with one person or we may meet with a small group at a specific location where admission may be required for entry. Now such places may be like on The Lake George Steam Boat so we may get some good shots out on the lake, as well allow you an opportunity to experience something that may not be ordinary for you at home. Now we will stress like we ask you to follow our rules , if there are applicable rules at locations we ask you also adhere to there rules and regulations. If you decide to change your mind after purchasing a ticket for admission we will stress you will need to take this up with the location we may be having special event/meeting at. Some locations may have no refunds policies so please be aware of this and please make sure you can meet with us on the specific dates and time we may have these special dates.





If we have special event/meeting locations where they may offer Season Passes like the Great Escape it may be wise to get a season pass so you can go when ever you want and if we meet there really there is no cost to you to do this.


If we offer dates for special meeting locations and or events you are responsible to pay for the admission to the location. We are not responsible to pay for your way, and if you purchase tickets and change your mind you will need to address this with the location directly. Keep in mind you may not be able to get a refund if they have a policy clearly posted on this. So please make surey ou can attend the meeting at a special location.