Program Rules

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Program Rules


Our program is a program dedicated to being a Fun, Free way for international students to be able to send FREE electronic postcards via e-mail to those they want it sent to. We hope to make sure it is a fun process, and hope if there are ever any questions, comments, or suggestion to be able to hear them so we can be able to address them. Feel free to address them to our team members or call us at 518 636 1034 -or- 685 4271 , or e-mail us at


Safety is first,last and always a priority and our team is directed to not have any unsafe actions occur because we are not responsible for anything during the session. If something does occur we are not responsible for the action. If the participant does something to cause injury we are not responsible. We are not responsible for any injuries caused during our sessions. We do stress our first, last and always number one rule, SAFTEY. So we will not be responsible for any injuries as well any actions done during a session. If something does occur it is there responsibility since we stress SAFTEY!! As our number one goal.

Eligibility Requirement

Participants MUST be international students, and they need to register with our program. We will for Photo ID on the initial visit to verify who you are, and age. Please have it with you in case we ask. Also if we have questions if your card is lost and someone tries to use it we will ask to cross check information if we need to.

First Point of Contact

Participants need to schedule an appointment to meet with us by calling us at 518 636 1034 (glens falls ) -or- (518)685-4271 (lake George) LEAVE name, phone number can be reached at , or e-mail an we will get in touch with them. If they have web access they can go on fill out the appointment request from , and also pre register with our program to save A LOT of time.


First , LAST , ALWAYS SAFETY is a number one goal for our program. No unsafe actions can be asked of our team, and if they are and not discontinued when we state we can’t do it . We will cancel the session and the program may not be allowed to take part in our program. WEATHER is a safety issue that we will stress if there is severe weather such as RAIN, SNOW, HAIL, THUNDERSTORMS , LIGHTENING and appointments are schedules for outdoors’ we will postpone the schedule for the day and reschedule it. If we can move appointments inside we will try, but give no guarantees. We stress participants should call us at 518 636 1034 -or- 518 685 4271 at least 2 hours before your appointment to verify if it is as scheduled.

Session Definition

A session is defined as a meeting with the participant an a program team person. There are specific types as stated below:

Open - Can show up with out sigining up, or reservation on dates times specificed on our schedule

Normal- Require sign up by calling 636 1034 leave name and number for date and time you may meet us. You may use the on line request as well in the express center

SPECIAL - Requires reserved time by calling us at 518 636 1034 leave name, number and time or use the on line requestor.

EVENT- Requires admission to the location and sign up. Note participants MUST pay the admisison as well get there on there own at least 30 minutes before the start time


Participant Responsibility

We are not responsible to get participants to/from appointments, this is there responsibility. Also we are not required to pay to gain access to meet a participant. Now if we have special dates where we may be at a location that requires paid admission it is the participants responsibility to pay for there way in to the location. These dates will be announced so there is notice for these special events, so if they wish to meet with us they can, but are required to pay to access the location for the special events, such ie: aboard the Minnie ha ha for a one hour cruise on the lake. Participants are responsible to pay for the ticket to board the Minnie ha ha for the cruise date/time we are on board. This purpose is for enrichment of the Lake George Area as well allows us to get some pictures from the enriching experience for our program.

Paid Extra Services- CD DOWN LOAD

If participants wish to have a session downloaded to CD we charge $1.00 for this. When we have a session we will ask this if they want to have the session downloaded to cd, and the participant will pay for it at this time. We will download the stuff to cd when we are in the studio , and afterwards mail it to them, or deliver it to them where they request it be delivered to. Payment is due at the time ordered and will be done as soon as possible and delivered.


We welcome our participants to use any photos from our program for there personal use. If they wise to make copies, and send to friends and family they can. We stress that our work should not be used for commercial use with out written consent from our program. This means selling, or using any or our photos in publications where profit is made. You will need to write to us to explain what you would like it used for, how it will be used, and any other details we can review to make a determination on if we will grant permission.

Also please be advised that photos that are copyrighted work can't be used in any of our work. We prefer this to avoid any issues with the creator/author of the work.

Meeting us on your own time- not in restricted areas

We do ask participants be on there own time when we meet for a session. They can’t be working, as well we can’t meet at there place of work when they are on duty, it must be on there own time. So we do not disrupt them from doing there work. As well put us in a position where we may be accessing you in location we are not allowed to access you in.

NO limits on the number of times can use program

You are allowed to use this program as many times as you want. There is not limits on the numbers of times you can meet with us. You must schedule an appointment in advanced, and we will be happy to accommodate you.


Post cards from the states is not responsible for any items becomes lost , stolen, or damaged we our not responsible. Participants are responsible for there items.

Participant Conduct

If a participant's behavior gets to the point where it is not acceptable, our team members have the right the end the appointment with the participant. We will document the incident so our review panel can review the facts and decided what we will do. We may ask for the participant ID card and they may be dropped from our program. We encourage a positive work ethic where you will listen to our team, not do anything to cause harm, or be rude in any way or fashion. AN if you are rude and the behavior gets unacceptable we will end the session, and write it up for the review panel can review it and decide what to do. A decision will be issued on the matter when it is decided upon.


Participants must be wearing shirts that have no inappropriate graphics, language, or images on them as our photographers can't photograph this. Also Participants must be wearing shirts when pictures are taken. Also when the picture is taken there is to be NO inappropriate gestures, or any thing else deemed inappropriate or pictures will not be taken


Please note that we do not guarantee our work in the quality of our pictures we take. We make every effort to do our best, if something needs editing to make it the best possible product we will try. Also we we e-mail electronic postcards to those you ask us to. Now if you provide us with in correct information even after we verify it with you then there will be a delay in process the postcard. If we provide download of the session to CD we don't guarantee this either. We are downloading what we have to cd for you. Now if there is an error and you need a new CD we will provide one at No Charge as a courtesy. However the original CD must be returned to us before we will send it. An we limit to one FREE replacement disk after this we charge $1.00 plus shipping. We store information for up to one year then it will be removed form our system.

Information we collect is not shared/sold/distributed to third party sources

Now we wish to stress that information collected for the purpose of our program is not shared, or distributed to anyone except for the use of our program. Once hard copies  of anything is processed in to the computer they will be destroyed unless the participant wishes to have the copies. Now if the Police , or any law enforcement agency subpoena’s are records for a legal matter we will disclose information per there inquiry.

These rules and are current as of 2007-06-25  11:40:21

These rules are not a complete list, and may change with out notice. We encourage people to check this location for updates as they happen, and if you need to ask us about anything please do so. We are happy to address them, but we do not know if you do not ask. Also we may have some rules in print that may not be listed here so if you have any questions please ask us , and we can let you know.


Got any questions please e-mail kevin @