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Postcards from the states 2007 program ID Card


This card is assigned to those who is registered with us for our program. If it s a case where participants use our program once, or more then once it is a valuable tool. Because this card is assigned to an account where information we use for our process is posted to in our system. If you lose this please let us know so we may be able to replace this for you. This card is non transferable and is assigned to the participant registered to this card. If friends wish to take part then they are more then welcome to register with us, and they can be issued a card.

This card will be required each time we have an scheduled session ro appointment so we can record the data from the card. We will photograph this card , as well write down the information for our records so we know who the person is once we have everything back in our studio for use with our process. Since we may not know who people are, we feel this is the best way for us to know who they are as well direct the information accordingly.

If there are any questions or comments please direct them to Kevin at


Please note that any of our policies and regulations for our program may change with or with out notice. We encourage people to check the site, or ask us so we may update you on any changes made.

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