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Legacy Block

Program Purpose: To provide this program to PCFS to have a way to leave a piece of history from there visit to our area. This program will be FREE for participants in our program.

 Program Materials:

1 3*5 index card

1  note book

1  pen

( we will provide)

 Program Focus:

We will have them design a 3*5 card that will be created by the participant and will be posted on a site. It must be appropriate with language and content. Through out the summer we will have them keep a journal of there visit. At the end of the summer we will get there journals and convert them to a digital image, and put on the web for them.


This is Totally Free and there is no charge for this program. The Only requirement is participants MUST be registered with the Post cards from the states program.


Any questions? call 518 636 1034 –or- e-mail crazykevinb@yahoo.com